David is a very amusing man, his ability to play the English language makes for a truly refreshing little book that will bring a smirk to the grumpiest face. Just dip in when you fancy for an instant fix to cure the absurdities of life.Kevin McCarthy , The Comedy Club and Television’s “Man with the Beard”


“Before making scrambled eggs,
one should do a whisk assessment.”

About the author

Struck by how much fun the English language can be David Willcocks has been writing one-line philosophies for most of his adult life and has had more than 400 appear in print, mostly in the Daily Mail.

He’s been toying with the idea of a collection for a while, usually prompted by friends, family and admirers and so here it finally is.

Among his other claims to fame are that he has run several half marathons successfully and done the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge less successfully, having got lost five times out of six!

If you want to see more of David then check out his guitar videos on YouTube here.

An ideal present for friends, family or just for yourself

This new collection contains over 350 of David’s one-line philosophies and cartoons for the bargain price of ¬£7.99. To buy it now just click the link below to email him and don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to buy more than one!
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David’s take on the idiosyncrasies of language are bound to raise a smile,
but don’t just take our word for it …”

“For those who enjoy a large port after dinner, Rotterdam is recommended.”

“Those who invest in coal often take a lump sum.”

“Gardeners buried in allotments should be allowed to rest in peas.”

“Our local scrabble club had to close recently, we are lost for words.”

“With the rising price of potato crisps, it’s going to cost us a packet.”

“Experienced mountaineers always climb at off-peak times.”

“Life rafts always carry flares in case they come back into fashion.”

Sheep often communicate with Baa coding

“Sheep often communicate with baaa coding.”